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Feb. 5, 2022

How to invest in wine and how Vinovest itself raised money. By Anthony Zhang

How to invest in wine and how Vinovest itself raised money. By Anthony Zhang

Anthony Zhang, Co-founder and CEO at Vinovest talks about how his company helps "regular" people invest in wine - an asset class that was previously only accessible to the wealthy people with free time on their hands. He also spoke about their most recent Series A and how they had to change their business model to close the round successfully.

Anthony's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-zhang-988a2375/

Link to Vinovest that will get you 3 months of no management fees: https://vinovest.co/signup?grsf=lr4ndv&utm_campaign=Dec_2021_LTO_Referral (this episode is not sponsored by Vinovest and the referral link yields no commissions for Fundraising Radio)

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Some of the questions covered in this episode:

- tell us a little bit more about how vinovest operate
- you said that your series A was much easier than seed, why is that?
- when you "removed yourself from the day to day operations" in order to raise  series A, who replaced you?
- on our pre-interview you've mentioned that you got a few counter-offers on your initial round in series A, how did you manage to do that?
- why didn't you follow the same strategy for your Seed?
- how did your pre-seed round go compared to the two following?
- you said that on your series A you had to switch your customer acquisition model and switch from the organic to paid, why is that?
- when did this transition happen and how do you feel about it