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Dec. 20, 2021

Finding a co-founder by CEO of Opal

Finding a co-founder by CEO of Opal
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Stephen Cobbe, co-founder and CEO at Opal talks about his journey with Opal, ups and downs and how to handle them. He also shares some recommendations on how to find a good co-founder and shares his personal experience in that field along with two great books.

Stephen's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scobbe/

Opal's website: https://opal.dev/

Two great books in question:

1. Never Split the Difference: https://www.amazon.com/Never-Split-Difference-Negotiating-Depended/dp/0062407805

2. The Founder's Dilemmas: https://www.amazon.com/Founders-Dilemmas-Anticipating-Foundation-Entrepreneurship/dp/0691158304

The course on reaching out to investors that Fundraising Radio's team is developing: https://bit.ly/FRpodcast101