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Our Team

Fundraising Radio is a podcast about fundraising for startups. Want to learn how to raise money for your startup? Listen and learn. Experienced founders who raised over $20 million, fresh founders who just raised $20k, professional Venture Capitalists with hundreds of millions under management and young investors who are raising their first funds.

Our team.

The host - Konstantin Dubovitskiy. I used to work at an early stage fund (Make Studios) and at the time Fundraising Radio became very active. After I joined a new company (Firstbase), I decided that I will keep running this podcast because it is fun and because I have an absolutely great team:) 

Content generator and designer- Elizaveta Belinskaya. You might have seen that the first article on our blog went up recently - she is the one writing it. Elizaveta has a background in law and writing and we decided to put her in charge of content generation. In fact, she was the one who developed this great logotype that Fundraising Radio has now! She also has significantly improved internal workflow of the team and on the daily basis creates extremeley creative covers for all the episodes!

Business Developer, Social media & content generator - Luis Bravo. He is in charge of all our social media accounts - all the daily publications that you see on our Twitter and Instagram - that's his work. He is also the second content generator in our team, he writes custom articles for Fundraising Radio premium which then go live on our public blogs (he is also in charge of running our blog on LinkedIn). Additionally, he is also our second business developer and also brings in a large number of interesting speakers and guests.

SEO writer, content manager - Sean Devenney. Sean is going through the new episodes released on Fundraising Radio and edits their titles, descriptions and adds relevant links in the descriptions to optimize for SEO. He is also leading our new efforts in making our content more "sticky" and bring listeners back even after they raise funding for their companies. 

SEO writer, backlinking - Marian Nyako-Lartey. Marian is in charge of editing old episodes of Fundraising Radio focusing on SEO optimization. Not only Marian works on SEO content generation, but she also works on the backlinks that we share and that lead to Fundraising Radio. Sean and Marian are the backbone of our backstage work - tracking our engagement ratings, watching the effects of small changes in the content releases and much more.