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Our Team

Fundraising Radio is a podcast about fundraising for startups. Want to learn how to raise money for your startup? Listen and learn. Experienced founders who raised over $20 million, fresh founders who just raised $20k, professional Venture Capitalists with hundreds of millions under management and young investors who are raising their first funds.

Our team.

The host - Konstantin Dubovitskiy. I used to work at an early stage fund (Make Studios) and at the time Fundraising Radio became very active. After I joined a new company (Firstbase), I decided that I will keep running this podcast because it is fun and because I have an absolutely great team:) 

Content generator, designer and Co-Host - Elizaveta Belinskaya. You might have seen that the first article on our blog went up recently - she is the one writing it. Elizaveta has a background in law and writing and we decided to put her in charge of content generation. In fact, she was the one who developed this great logotype that Fundraising Radio has now! She also has significantly improved internal workflow of the team and on the daily basis creates extremeley creative covers for all the episodes!

Business Developer, Social media & content generator - Luis Bravo. He is in charge of sourcing the majority of our new guest speakers and working on the business development for Fundraising Radio. He is also working with Clara on our social media development and content channel growth (Youtube and TikTok).

Growth Manager of Content - Clara De Goldsmith. Clara is in charge of our newly created TikTok account, everything from relevant hashtags, engagement on the account and most importantly - ideation process is her merit. She specializes in the field of M&A and soon will work on the spinoff of one of the most popular categories covered on Fundraising Radio - "Acquisitions".