Welcome to our new website!

Our Course

For the past few months our team was working on a new course about fundraising - Getting in Front of Investors 101. It is a course about getting in touch with the right investors.

What do we cover in this course?

  • Tools you need to reach out to investors
  • Most useful strategies used by successful founders to raise their funding rounds
  • Evaluating your company
  • Creating momentum and capitalizing on it
  • How to write good cold emails
  • How to make requests for introductions
  • And much MUCH more!

In this course we have assembled the knowledge we have acquired over the past 2+ years through over 340 interviews with experienced founders and active investors and presented it following just one rule: No Bullshit. 

In this course you won't see the standard "be bold" and "believe in yourself" of the industry. We have made sure that only useful, actionable information is included in the course that can help you get in front of investors you need in order to close your funding round. So if you are looking to raise money, listen to our podcast and check out our course! 

Here is the link to it: https://bit.ly/StartupFundingCourse