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Smart, thoughtful startup stories

I’m a big fan of Fundraising Radio and have been a guest on the show. Konstantin, the host, is a young hustler talking to the best people in tech.

Diverse funding stories, interactive format

I have listened to various successful fundraising stories on this podcast. There are episodes that have real stories about successfully crowdfunding campaigns, grants, VC rounds and more. The format is interactive, instead of listening to the final cut, you can ask guests questions yourself during the live recording. (Ps. You might also end up in the final cut)

Very educational!

Now with the "educational episodes" section on the website it got even better - wonderful content and with the site it got even easier to navigate. Transcripts of the episodes are pretty bad though, so I don't recommend reading those. Still 5/5 for sure!


Konstantin does a great job interviewing successful individuals within the startup ecosystem. He does a great job of finding successful individuals who are well regarded within areas relevant to startups. Then, he asks questions that brings out years of expertise and good judgment that many of his speakers have acquired over their exceptional careers. I highly recommend these podcasts to entrepreneurs as a way to acquire the good judgment required to run a company. If you don’t learn anything, you’re probably ready to be featured on Forbes!


Great podcast, really enjoy listening to it!